Essence Effect Nail Polish Glitter Jewels

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http://Essence Effect Nail Polish Glitter Jewels
Remind: If you want to create a mirror effect, please use it follow the steps below, if still not, please contact us first, thank you.ROSALIND Golden/ Silver Glitter Nail Magic Mirror Powder Shine powderSpecifications:* Material: Powder

* Color: Golden, Silver

* Box Size: 2.8 x 1.5cm (Bottom Diameter x Height)

* Sponge Stick Length: 5.2cm

* Powder Capacity: 10g


* Use this powder to create the shining mirror effect for your nails

* The nail art color effect will be different on different base color (kindly reminder: the effect of black

the base color is better.)

* Each box comes with a sponge stick for easy operation

* Only no clean top coat can get the mirror effect

Item Included:

1 x Mirror Nail Chrome Powder

1 x Sponge Stick




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