halloween fake scar wound model imagic special effects makeup eyebrow wax professional software

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five different types of color, color: nude
net weight: 20g
quantity: 1 pcs
the package includes: 1pcs wax
devices for the article.
1. makeup artist needed product is wax.
2. skin of wax can cover the eyebrows, can create scratches, cuts, wounds, etc. the makeup effect. also can make up for.
3. it is very convenient.
how to use:
1. use alcohol, glue mud, what do you want to paint. and then wait until dry.
2. a tool for coating wax on the skin, the skin until the scar or blain hole cover.
3. after mud skin of wax, use a little oil to the skin as the wax. make the skin tight combination.
4. wax skin color may be different from the color of the skin. so that you can use to decorate facial skin foundation.
1. use the skin of wax can cover the tattoos or scars, but we need to have some skills. it’s not just mud. if you skin is too thick mud.
not easy to wipe, and wax. if you are too thick mud, you can not cover the tattoos or scars. if you need to practice more.
2. skin function is hard wax can be filled and cover some uneven scar.
how to delete.
1. use the tool on the wax scraping, and then use discharge makeup clean water again.
1. the true color of the article may be slightly different from the images on the web site created by a
factors such as the brightness of the monitor light.
2. please allow a slight deviation in the data.

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Body Paint




Body Paint

fake scar

eyebrow wax

makeup wax

imagic wax

fake scar wax


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